The release of New Debut Single, “Tounen” by the Very Talented and Nightingale Voice, Shoomy
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[Miami, FL, May 10th, 2018] It’s not common that a young female artist emerges with the mixture of unique, nightingale and a golden voice from Haïti. She is a mysterious presented grace and has a powerful, charming voice that only music superstars possess. Minouche Chouloute, best known as Shoomy, is a rare gem. She is about to take on the globe with her unforgettable voice on May 11, 2018, when she will release her creole new single strangely titled “Tounen” It is a Kompa Zouk/Love mix with R&B that smears genre line and reveals the breathtaking, unique, unforgettable, charming and Haitian golden voice she embodies.
“Tounen” is nothing other than the story of a woman who received everything from her man: love, passion, attention, coaching, encouragement, availability, sacrifices, in order to see her succeed and fulfill her dream, but stubbornly searching for personal success she does not grant him anything, back so obsessed with succeeding as an artist.

Shoomy, with her catchy and powerful voice which is quickly noticed and appreciated by all, she is interested in the music, and want to make a career in the song. “I believe my determination to become a great singer forces me to work tirelessly every day to achieve the goal I set for myself. I know perfection is not an accident, but it is the result of hard work and the pursuit of a set goal. However, production of “Tounen” gave me the feeling of accomplishment towards this dream,”
In 2017, Shoomy participated in Talent Contest of the DIGICEL STARS, and made it up to semi-finals with her charming voice. She has been conquering the public with her kindness, and powerful voice which captivate everyone in to networks for praises and encouragement.

Recently, Shoomy won online vote for singing the Haitian National Anthem for the 20th Edition of the Konpa Festival scheduled to take place in Miami on May 18, 2018, where she will performing.
From childhood, Shoomy has been showing her abilities and passion for singing where she integrated herself in the Shekania choir for four years until she became a vocal leader. Shoomy, as an artist to follow very closely, opted for scenic coaching after joining university. She has been interested in computer and computer graphics, and this has enabled her devote more time, body and soul for the song as well as the pursuit of her dream. Shoomy always redoubles her effort, diversifies her step to groups like ARTIZ. Her presences and breathtaking voice are still very much noticed within the groups she performed with across the country. In spring and fall 2017, she collaborated with other artists in “Haïti Cabaret Nights” evenings under the supervision of Ralph Leroy where she gave a catchy group and solo performances at Le Villate.
“Tounen” will be released under the under the label of Pique & Trefle LLC. The song was recorded at Pulse Music Studio Haiti and produced by Jhon Mc Ronald Esther AKA Jmac Beats.




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