Minouche Chouloute, from her artist name ‘SHOOMY’, was born in Port-au- Prince in 1991 From a young age and thanks to her abilities she shows a certain passion for singing and integrates the Shekania choir and spends 4 years there until becoming vocal lead. More free of her movements when she starts her Civil Engineering studies at University, she opts for Scenic Coaching, Computer and Computer Graphics to have more time to devote body and soul to the song and the pursuit of his dream. According to girlfriends, she always gave it to her heart and thanks to her talent and her powerful voice she is quickly noticed and appreciated by all. Continuing to make his merry way happening here and there, she gains experience, wants to make a career in the song and believer in his possibilities participates in Talent Contest of the DIGICEL STARS. She unfortunately falls in the semi-finals but she has conquered a certain public who remains under his spell and begins to follow her on the networks and speaks of it in terms of praise and encouragement. It redoubles effort, diversifies and tries to konpa with the group ARTIZ, its presence is still very much noticed within this group during performances across the country.

She collaborates with other artists in Cabaret Night evenings on the supervision of Ralph Leroy at The Villate in summer 2017, she gives group and solo performances in some Hotel, Club and Restaurant of the city. She will be present on the cd in preparation for Raoul Denis jr, currently in Studio, she will release a single in April with her song “TOUNEN” she wrote the lyrics, she just shared the poster at Press Café with Dadou Pasquet and has just won the vote for the selection of the artist who will sing the Haitian National Anthem for the 20th Edition of the Konpa Festival in Miami on May 18th. Wherever she goes, everyone falls in admiration for her kindness, its charm, its curvilinear forms, its voluptuousness, its smile bursting its piercing eyes, her luscious lips that would not leave you indifferent, she has everything to please and she has the VOICE, powerful and just to captivate everyone and an off-road repertoire to please the most demanding. Her determination to become a great singer forces her to work tirelessly every day to achieve the goal she has set for herself. For her perfection is not an accident, it is the result of hard work and the pursuit of a set goal. Shoomy, an artist to follow. very closely.

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